The basics of forex

Start learning the basics right here!

To get started with trading on foreign exchange market, you’ll need to understand the most basic type of tool there is in forex trading, a forex chart. A forex chart is a graph of a currency pair’s performance (i.e. EUR/USD) over a certain period of time. The ability to read forex charts effectively is essential to any forex trader’s success.

For every chart you see, each one will be showing the trends for a different currency pair: EUR/USD, USD/GBP, and so on. These currency pair symbols represent the different currencies compared against each other, and it is these comparisons that essentially make the forex market world go round. So, if you don’t understand how to read the chart of a currency pair, you may be out of luck. Not to worry though, here’s a short and sweet guide on how to fix that little problem of yours.

This is as basic as it gets. Along the right side of the graph are incremental amounts which help indicate what price whichever currency pair you’re looking at any given time may be. In the actual chart you can see where the specific pair held at what value at any given time. And lastly, the bottom of the chart contains the timeline, which can be anything between 15 minutes, an hour, a day, you name it.

For us visual learners in the world, and if you don’t know what kind of learner you are, you’re most likely visual, these forex charts are very useful for forex trading. Once you have the basics of reading a forex chart down, you can start to get a feel of whether a currency pair is getting strong or weaker. Over time, you will begin to learn how to utilize the timeframe feature more effectively. For now, stick to the 15-minute or 1 hour timeframes, unless you’re looking at a long-term trading method in which you count on holding on to your trades for prolonged periods of time.

Most trading software that online forex brokers provide you with will supply forex charts via the interface, in which case you won’t have to research on external web pa ges. Serious traders have all of their tools all in one place so to be more inclined to have a ready finger when they’re poised to make a quick profit. When looking for a broker, make sure they provide live charts with their software. However, in this day in age, a brokerage wouldn’t live for too long without this feature, so it in all likelihood shouldn’t be something you have to worry about.

Obviously, keeping track of charts that you’ve made investments with is a must, but you’ll want to keep an eye on charts for other currency pairs, as well. If you fail to do this, you may miss out on significant forex trades that could net you quite a profit. The good news is that most new forex trading software allows you to view multiple charts in one window.

Now that you know your way in and out of a forex chart, go take your slice of the pie in the forex market. Lucrative gains are made on the forex market daily. It’s your turn!